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Acupuncture and Functional Medicine For Fertility

Hormonal issues for both men and women are on the rise.  With costly IVF treatments that do not always work, approaching fertility using functional medicine in combination with acupuncture and Chinese Medicine is safer and more affordable option.

The first step to successfully having a baby is identifying the root cause of why having children is more difficult. We will look at both partners and create a treatment plan tailored to your individual issues.

We use only the highest quality lab tested prescription herbs and professional supplements. They are manufactured only in FDA approved cGMP facilities to ensure purity of ingredients and confidence that the supplements and herbs are truly in the product.  Free of pesticide residues, heavy metals, and safe to use. We rely on modern functional medicine and ancient herbal medicine for the very best results.

Acupuncture For Fertility

Already started or set on IVF Therapy?

The perfect compliment to IVF Therapy and a safe natural first treatment.

Recent reports have shown a 65% increase in pregnancy success rates when IVF is combined with acupuncture treatments. Those same studies have shown rates of live births nearly doubled in cases where acupuncture was used, compared to IVF patients who received no acupuncture or instead received sham acupuncture.

Our protocols are safe and increase the effectiveness of IVF Therapy.  Decrease side effects and increase efficacy.

Infertility and IVF Aid

  • Male and Female infertility
  • Success rate:  A systematic review and meta-analysis suggested that women undergoing IVF were 65% more likely to become pregnant when they integrated acupuncture into their normal IVF treatments. BMJ, 2008 February.

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A first appointment is comprehensive and discusses your medical history and specific case. They may take on average an hour to an hour and a half. We spend more time with you, so we know how best to serve you.

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