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Buccal Mouth Massage | Miami Buccal Facial

Finding a specialist for Buccal Inner Mouth Massage, in Miami, can be challenging. We offer this beneficial treatment to our patients.

The Buccal Mouth Massage or Miami Buccal Facial is the ground breaking treatment for both pain and beauty. It may sound strange to have someone put their fingers inside your mouth, but this inner face massage can relax tense muscles and lift and sculpt the entire face.

Buccal Mouth Massage | Miami Buccal Facial
A blissful and beneficial buccal massage of the patient’s facial muscles can lift, relax, and rejuvenate the face

Benefits of the Buccal Mouth Massage | Miami Buccal Facial

Myofascial release is a technique that’s used to release pain and tension to areas like the jaw, neck, back, and more. When it’s used on the jaw, It can help with headaches and TMJ. Our signature treatment starts at the top of the head. Then the massage moves to your forehead and entire face. Next, we go to the jaw and under your jaw bone to fully release the muscles. The massage completes at the neck and upper chest. Great for overall stress and tension from braces as well.

Yes, buccal mouth massage or the Miami buccal facial is also wonderful for purely aesthetic reasons. Even if you do not suffer from pain, this treatment is perfect for blissful relaxation of the neck, jaw, and entire face. The buccal facial is a deep tissue massage where we lift and sculpt the face to improve its appearance. You’ll experience enhancing of the blood flow to the surface of the skin, which nourishes the cells to jumpstart the production of collagen and elastin. Over time you can experience facelifting results .

You may also add an acupuncture facelift to your Buccal Mouth Massage. For more information on our acupuncture facelift click here.